2012 Gallery Svea, Stockholm
2011 Gallery S9, Oslo ”To Nature”
2011 Gallery Hagman, Stockholm
2010 A New Day, Florence, Italy
2010 Winterviken Art, Café and Conference, Stockholm
2010 Amsterdam Withney Gallery, New York
2010 Monrads restaurant, Djursholm, ”Lights of Norway”
2010 Åtellet Hotel, Norrtälje
2010 Tender Conference Center, Stockholm
2010 Gallery 40, Stockholm, ”Towards Daylight”
2008 Mosebacke Gallery, Stockholm, ”Photos & Paintings”
2008 Mosebacke Gallery, Stockholm, ”Paintings
 on Tango”
2000 Citizen Halls of Stockholm. 
Photos: ”Women along the Silk Route”

Ruthie Tucker, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, wrote 2010: ”.. Each energetic brushstroke is like a dance step of a harmonious tango between the artist and the viewer, expressing passion and communicating ideas with each stride. Mrs. Ulven´s featherly application of paint lends her artwork an ephemeral element and brings to mind the cyclical regeneration pattern of the universe.”

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